{{Infobox Character

|name = McKeyla McAlister

|Gender = Female

|Eye Color = Brown

|Occupation(s) = Secret Agent at NOV8

|Nickname = Sweetie by The Quail (her mother) | M by Her friends

 |Age = 15

|Hair Color = Brown

|Family = The Quail (mother)
Maddy McAlister (Sister)

 |Friends = Camryn Coyle Adrienne Attoms Bryden Bandweth Prince Xander Ember Evergreen Devon D'Marco A.D.I.S.N.

|Enemies = Jillian Carson Lazarus Craig & Vex

 |Skills = Martial Arts <br> Spying <br> Technology 

|Secret(s) = - Is a Secret-Agent 

|Status = '''Alive'''

|First appearance = The New Girl

|Portrayed By = Mika Abdalla

|image = [[File:6.08-201.jpg|thumb|280px]]

|Height = 5 feet 2 inches  |Latest appearance = A Royal Pain: Part 4

|Birthday = May 13}}

McKeyla McAlister is a super cool and smart person with awesome technology who always solves missions and crimes.

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